Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preserving Earmarks in this day and age?

Perhaps the Dems mean well, but preserving over 8,000 new earmarks (i.e., pork) in the new spending bill is effectively highway robbery of the American people.

But, hey, it's great to see that some Dems are standing up and are urging Obama to veto this bill.

"Democrats Evan Bayh of Indiana and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin said they will vote against the bill; both urged Obama to veto it.
"There's just a disconnect between what people are having to go through in their daily lives — tightening their belts, economizing where they can — and what they see the government is doing," Bayh said in an interview. "I just think it's tone deaf and, substantively, we do need to get the deficit under control."

I guess there are some VOICES of REASON on the Hill.

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  1. Obama should be ashamed of himself after the way he campaigned about being a "Uniter" and about how he was going to be "bipartisan" and about a message of “Hope”! He has been Debbie Downer since taking office. I am all about being straightforward and telling the truth, but you also have to temper that with some vision of hope, which Obama seems to have lost since the election is behind him. He is using the American public’s fear to push through this liberal agenda (which really has nothing to do with a stimulus package). It is obvious how the stock market has reacted to his administrations policies….every time he opens his mouth the market goes down! And I believe that is all part of his plan: Keep the American public reeling and scared and when the market comes back (later rather than sooner given the additional burden that Obama has put on it given all his liberal spending), he will claim it had something to do with his policies! People need to wake up and realize the false bill of goods they are being sold!!!! The American public should be outraged at him for lying and betraying their trust!!!!