Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chicago Tea Party!!!

Come one! Come All! Mark it on your calendars!

City: Chicago

When: April 15, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Where: Daley Plaza Civic Center, 50 W Washington St.

Check your local listing for a Tax Day Tea Party near you!


  1. Regardless of your political party affiliation, you should attend. This isn't about being a democrat or a republican, it’s about the fact that government has grown too big, too out of control and our elected officials are no longer working for the people that put them in office.

    How is it that the government is growing when every other business is shrinking? Doesn’t the government have to tighten its belt and live within its means just like every other business? Do people feel good about the fact that pretty soon they will own the banks, car companies, and any other company that they think they need to “save”? Why does the government think that it can do a better job managing these companies when it can’t keep its own financial house in order?! This is outrageous. Come support the tea party and take back OUR country! Make the government work for US and not for these worthless politicians!!!!

  2. I agree! Get out and show your disgust for these poor economic policies that are going to kill our children's futures by shoveling mountains of debt upon their generation.

    The Revolution is BREWING!

    Bring your Tea bag!